Disney Imagineers about Hollywood Tower


In order to make the interior of the hotel more realistic, the Imagineers skim auction houses and other flea markets. We can find bronzes of the artist Moreau dating from the 19th century, as well as objects that belonged to clubs and hotels of the 1920s.

Disney’s Imagineers have spent hours and hours watching all the episodes of the Twilight Zone series, so they can experience the atmosphere and atmosphere. All episodes have been viewed twice, and some up to 3 or even 4 times, all in order to study the atmosphere.

The passengers of the elevator feel a fall faster than the law of gravity. This is simply because the elevator does not fall freely. It is a mechanical system that raises and descends the elevator.

The attention to detail is in the queue, with landscapes and gardens that resemble what can be found at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. In addition, the ambient music is vintage, from Glenn Miller to Duke Ellington.

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