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Single panel vs. sectional garage doors
Sectional garage doors are quite popular among homeowners nowadays.
However, there is a lesser-known kind of garage doors. The single panel
garage door was a favorite among many before the sectional garage doors
took over. It consists of a single solid slab that slides up above your car
when it is opened. These single panel garage doors are also known as the up
and over or the swing doors. They function a bit different as compared to
the sectional garage doors, although they take up almost the same amount of
space. A garage door repair company can provide any sort of these doors. Whether you are looking for a new garage door for your home, or you
would like to replace your existing one, this article will help you make an
informed choice between the single panel or the sectional garage door.

Although both door types open and close vertically, the single panel garage
door requires more headroom to accommodate the curtain roll. Rather than
running on overhead trucks, the single panel door is attached to a hinge
system which when fitted with springs allows the doors to swing easily
without a garage door opener. You can, however, use a system like that on
sectional doors if you wish to use a garage door opener with the single
panel doors.

A few factors to consider
The single panel doors are far much cheaper than the sectional doors. This
is because they are easier to install and have fewer moving parts.
Maintenance costs on these doors are also quite low as compared to the
sectional doors. Single panel doors will, therefore, save you a lot,
especially if you are working on a tight budget.

When it comes to security, the sectional garage doors are a step ahead of
the single panel doors. Their design and working mechanism make them a bit
more sturdy. The single panel doors use extension springs which are prone
to fail, especially if they are not properly maintained. The top of these
doors also lacks a proper mechanism to prevent a forced entry at the

Material variety
Although sectional garage doors are available in a variety of materials,
they are almost always limited to materials that work well in segments.
With the single panel doors, you are just working with a giant slab, of
whatever material you want. It also makes it easier to customize to your
taste when working with the single panel door.

A sectional garage door has so many parts in it, making it a bit of a
bother to install it yourself. A single panel door, on the other hand, has
fewer parts. Installing a swing door on your own is so much easier. The
fact that it has fewer parts also means that maintaining the door will not
be too much of a hassle.

Single panel doors are a great choice for anyone who loves to DIY and is
after the unique look they offer. You should, however, note that they are
not as weather resistant as the sectional garage doors and may not be a
great option for homeowners who live in areas with extreme weather