During the attraction of the Test Track


During the attraction, you will see 85 signs and make 34 turns.
The ride is broken down into 194 zones, allowing you to know where the vehicle is. There is also a system of sensors arranged on the vehicle and under the track. Thus computers know precisely where the vehicle is supposed to be and can make an emergency stop if an anomaly is detected. It should be noted that the vast majority of emergency stops are due to the fact that computers have “lost” the trace of a vehicle.

If a minor technical problem appears during the attraction, the vehicle goes into “Automatic cycle out” mode, that is to say that it reduces its speed to go at very low pace (to pace) to the unloading area where a technician will interrogate the onboard computer to know if the problem requires a simple reboot or whether to send the vehicle for maintenance.

Among the many tests that were done before the opening, there remains one that has become legendary. Indeed, for this test, in particular, the Imagineers disconnected 75 security systems of a vehicle to see what would happen in case of the computer problem. As a result, after the high-speed portion, the vehicle did not slow down and came into the building … The Imagineers reviewed the vehicle programming so that they would now know what to do if such a problem occurred. Actually. The damaged vehicle is numbered 17 and is displayed in the shop.


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