Vehicles in Kilimanjaro Safari


The vehicle in which guests take place for the safari can accommodate a maximum of 32 people. They have been specially designed for the attraction, with a propane engine. There are 24 standard vehicles (vehicles numbered from 20 to 38, and from 40 to 44). There are also 20 other vehicles equipped to accommodate wheelchairs (numbered from 1 to 19, as well as vehicle 39).

The maximum speed reached by these vehicles during the attraction is 8 mph (approximately 12km / h). It is recommended to slow down regularly so that guests can enjoy the view of different wildlife. A table with the average speeds to be respected is distributed to Cast-Members.

Before taking possession of his vehicle, the cast-member must check an impressive number of points listed on what is called the “Vehicle Opening Checklist”. At the end of the day, other checks are also carried out.

In addition, before the opening of the attraction, 2 test vehicles leave empty, to verify that everything is ready for opening. Various checks are made, in particular, to see if the path is not obstructed for example.


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