Some Loose Facts found in Survey


Celebrities identify most with Goofy.
– Tyra Banks prefers Pocahontas.
– The favorite attraction of celebrities is Pirate des Caraibes.
– James Denton (Desperate Housewives) would like to know all the secrets of Haunted Mansion.
– 75% of celebrities interviewed can sing a chorus of It’s a small world.
– 80% of celebrities acknowledge having already worn Mickey’s ears. David Arquette admits to wearing it almost every day, and Paige Davis recognizes falling back into childhood barely Mickey’s ears resting on his head.
– Tinkerbell is the favorite character of Terri Hatcher (Housewive) and Courtney Cox-Arquette (Friends). For David Arquette, it would be rather Donald Duck.
– Billionaire Sir Richard Branson identifies with Peter Pan.
– The favorite attraction of Magic Johnson is Splash Moutain, this is also the case for Avril Lavigne and John Stamos
– Still, in the field of sport, Peyton Manning, Mia Hamm, and Lisa Leslie prefer Space Moutain.

36 US states chose Goofy as the character they identified most with. Which makes 72% of Americans. By cons, it is with Mickey Mouse (15%) that they would like to visit the park if they had to choose between all the characters.


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