Vehicles at Test Track


The vehicles are 31, numbered from 2 to 16, and from 18 to 33. The vehicle 17 is no longer in service (see below). Only 29 at a time are used, the remaining two serving as replacements. The hourly capacity is about 1200 vehicles per hour, with a record of 1541 during a Guest Preview day.

Each vehicle travels more than 220 kilometers a day. In one year, each vehicle will have traveled more than 80,000 kilometers, which is approximately 4 times the annual mileage traveled by a US driver. This also corresponds to 21 round trip between Orlando and Detroit. Each vehicle has been designed to last over a million and a half kilometers.

When looking at the vehicles, you can see 4 wheels. In reality, they are equipped with 22 wheels! The tires were supplied by the company Goodyear, and they have the particularity of having a pressure of nearly 5 bar, which is twice the recommended pressure for a conventional vehicle. This has the effect of making you feel much more vibrations and sensations. The first tires had to be changed every week. GoodYear teams have developed special tires and now they should not be changed until every 4 months.


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