Greatest Disney Princesses of all time

Greatest Disney Princesses of all time

Fairy tales are stories which are mostly about how a handsome prince would magically save a helpless princess, and ending up happily ever after. We all know that this never happens in real life and thus we need to tell our children stories which empower them and not give them false hopes about how a prince would come and set them free. It is quite depressing how we teach young minds to wait for someone else to solve their problems when they can take actions on their own. Disney has created many female characters, which are different from the other princesses in the fairy tale stories. These characters have stood up for themselves and fought their own fights. The following are some of such Disney Princesses who genuinely inspire young girls to fight their own battles instead of waiting for their prince charming.

Greatest Disney Princesses of all time


Ariel is one of the best Disney princesses ever. She was ambitious, rebellious and fearless. She indeed is a protagonist and is very inspiring for young girls who want to follow their dreams. Just like most of us, Ariel yearned for independence when a parental figure oppressed her. She wanted to follow her dreams and not do what was forced upon her. Ariel might have been a little ungrateful, but she was keen on doing what she loved to do. Most of the songs in the movie are brilliant, and she is a motivation to little girls as she teaches them that they can always learn from their mistakes.


Mulan is one of the best badass Disney princesses out there. She is a type of woman who has no time for princess-business. She shows the world that women need not always be in a pretty dress. Mulan suits herself in armour, and she wields the sword to take down the villain with her own hands. The story of Mulan is not about craving freedom, courtship or acting in a rebelling manner; it is about putting family above everything and fighting to protect the family. She was one of the first Disney protagonists who showed that even woman could be as brave and tough like a man. When little girls watch this movie, they get inspired and decide out to fight their own struggles.


Elsa shows the world that she does not need anyone to fight her battles. She is very inspiring and tells people about how they need to let go of the past and how they need to control themselves during the storms of life. Elsa does not even have a love interest in the movie, and even though she has a rough childhood, she comes out as a brave and confident queen. The song let it go in the film Frozen has touched many people and is such an inspiration to all the young girls out there.


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